Su Sheedy

Dear Kingston

Dear Kingston

Photo Lars Hagberg, art by Christine Dewancker

Dear Kingston was an Outdoor Art Exhibition where 16 temporary ‘word’ sculptures were installed by artists along the Shoreline Shuffle route. Each word or phrase was chosen relevant to the need of its immediate surroundings and drew reference to place, community desire, and the need for change along Kingston’s waterfront.

Rising from the beach, floating on water, or hanging from tree branches, words were made from clay, glass, paper, moss, sticks, stones, and other materials intended to trigger a dialogue by asking the viewer to think creatively and to experience their surroundings in a new way.

The Dear Kingston Art exhibition addressed our city much like an open letter, and aimed to bring together artists, politicians and all members of Kingston’s community to celebrate and generate discussion on current ideas of shoreline sustainability.

Click here to download the Dear Kingston pdf.