Lichen at Large, Gallery 3, Ottawa

An upcoming show which opens Thursday, November 6th at 7pm at Gallery 3, in Ottawa, will reveal some new and recent paintings in the Lichen series. For further images in this painting series, check out the page for Lichen available by clicking here.



I began the Pond series in 2009 as an homage to the wetlands near my home in Kingston, Ontario. My painting process is instinctual, spontaneous and quite physical. Rich layers of pigmented beeswax are gouged into, poured, and torched creating rowdy and random markings.



The Parallel series was initiated in 2008 as an exploration into the use of the router and the potential of repetitive line. Working within a grid allowed me to explore colour relationships which would influence my later more gestural series of paintings.



Since 2010 I have been investigating texture in a more three-dimensional format, while my interest remains in the Canadian Shield and the microscopic landscapes of lichen, fossils and fungi. The sculptural characteristics of wax allows me to think beyond 2-dimensional surfaces providing more dramatic ridges and grooves.